Airline Workers’ Union HAVA-SEN made statements about THY Salary improvements, injustices and the agenda. HAVA-SEN made the following information in the statement.

Dear Civil Aviation Employees;
the new Collective Bargaining Agreement, which will begin in January 2019, the THY employer raised a total of 55% ;in two separate periods; rates of the cockpit crew, 80% of which are members of Hava-Sen.

As Hava-Sen, we are not unhappy with these improvements made to our members but It is our duty to remind that these improvements are temporary solutions and therefore THY will continue to loose blood as long as this hard working conditions goes on.

Aviation is a chain of employees. We do not find it appropriate to discriminate between employees in terms of working conditions and wage policy. We are nearing the end of the Collective Bargaining Agreement covering the period of
01.01.2016 / 31.12.2018. In this three-year period, the real owners of all the breakthroughs and developments made by THY nationally and internationally are employees. Cabin, Technical, Passenger Services, Head Office and other administrative staff, especially the cockpit personnel, have a share in this development.

As an employer’s policy, separating employees and antagonizing business groups has always been the way to be followed. We have to work together against these methods that employers apply to create a rose garden for themselves. We must not allow them to divide us. The competent union writes as the justification for the rights that it has accepted and defended this proposal for the survival of our salary . we leave to your decision that statements of those who ignore what has happened in THY for more than a year, who close their doors to the dismissed workers, and those who do not sound your wages in the face of inflation. There is no ”survivability” of bread, there is holiness of it. This holiness gives a right to those who defend him , not eat it. ‘survival’ is the issue of the homeland, and this is true for our eighty million people. We will not allow those who make fun of us through our holies, we believe that you will not.

We know that these unionists who do not know the spirit of civil aviation and who do not cross the edge of labor and labor struggle can do nothing other than the employer. Pilot hikes only reduced the impact of inflation, the future is uncertain. The wage losses of all of our friends are around 65% compared to six months ago.

Who underscores these imbalances among wages, and disrupts the Collective Labor Agreement with special protocols? Who is the person who changed his contract with special protocols in favor of the employer? They can not stand by or in front of the worker.The new Collective Bargaining Agreement will be very important in terms of both economic losses and working conditions. The move to the new airport and the burden of this process are still on the back of the employees. We especially wonder how quiet our cabin crews will be in the face of these events. Conditions will get worse.
As Hava-Sen management we follow all processes closely. We will continue to expose employees’ rights loss and antidemocratic workplace practices. We thank our members and friends who stand by us against all pressures.